Monday, June 19, 2006

Adventures on Craigslist

So, yesterday I bought a 27" inch TV for M's mom on Craigslist.  I've been trying to get one for two weeks to replace one that was broken.   I was getting frustrated with the routine.  I saw ads for good deals.  I would then email the person and get no response.  It seems that once something is sold, people just ignore the emails.     It would be nice to know either way.

I ended up getting a nice 27" Sony for $75.  Great deal!  In the end I just sat the computer, hitting refresh every couple of minutes, when I saw a good deal I immediately called or email the person.  Crazy.  It's like sniping on Ebay. 

Here's a tip if you looking for a TV:  Many people are selling nice TVs cheap these days because they are upgrading to $1000+ LCD flat screens and such.   There are tons of them on craigslist.


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