Friday, April 28, 2006

What's up this week?

Hello Readers (woof woof to you, Brody),

This week has been pretty busy at school.. so here are some quickies:

Maddy and I passed the 4 year mark on Monday. We first went out on April 24, 2002.

Gracie is doing well. She is jumping and playing like the old days. Everything will be back to normal once she gets her hair back on her chest!

The Red Sox have been sucking this week. This was pointed out by Jaime, who is a Yankees fan and who happens to have almost the exact same blog template as I do. It's not exactly the same, because I'm a geek and I actually modified it just a little.... couldn't resist..

We are nearly out of heating oil and it's somewhat cold here. I don't want to buy any more because it's almost May and the price of heating oil is the highest it's been in 5 years (i think). The risk is that the oil line will run dry and out boiler system may get damaged. I'm going to just stick it out and hope spring really arrives soon!

This week, my research abstract titled, "A computational Method for Mapping the Decision Space of the Lunar Exploration Program" was accepted for presentation at the International Astronautical Congress 2006 in Valencia, Spain. I'm so excited for this one. I've never been to Spain, and now MIT is going to pay for it. Of course, I will have to work my butt off this summer to get the research done....

I haven't planted my tomatoes yet, but the lilac tree I planted last year is growing new leaves. I've be sure to give an exciting play-by-play of how the planting is going. I suppose watching plants grow may be a little less exciting than waiting for water to boil.

My brother, Bob, pointed out this blog of Ridiculous Hypotheticals. It's pretty good... Although it doesn't compare the ridiculous hypotheticals that Mike Northrop and I used to come up with when we were kids. (Although, I have to give most of the credit to Mike, he was the wackier one of the two of us). We always used the baseline, "Would you rather drink a gallon of melted slugs, or [...]". Surprisingly, sometimes drinking a gallon of melted slugs was preferred.


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