Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Not much new to report over the last couple of days.  I'm digging into a summer of full-time researching and, so far it's tough to get motivated.  

I'm still waiting to hear for sure if they car is totaled.   We are thinking about what do about getting a car.  One possible choice is a Honda Fit.  It's new to the US this year, although it's been selling well in other countries as the Honda Jazz.

Today is the first game of the summer intramural softball season.

M and I are planning to travel to Prince Edward Island, Canada after our wedding.   We haven't booked anything yet.  We planned to drive up there, but now we have no car.    Most likely that will be worked out in some way before July.   Recently, M and I have been watching old videos of Anne of Green Gables, which is based in PEI. 

I wonder if all the recent immigration protests in the US are really helping.   It is bringing a lot of attention to the issue and lighting a fire under the people who think "all laws should be enforced".    Of course, these people don't believe that the federal wiretapping laws should be also be enforced.  Americans seem to be especially good at having extremely strongly held, yet conflicting beliefs.   I suppose you can find examples of double standards in many cultures.

It seems that the immigration system was better a few years ago (before 9/11) when it's faults were swept under the rug.  People could get into the country and leave with an enormous amount of trouble.  The path to a green card or even a visa was somewhat murky, but do-able.  Now there is constant harassment of people trying to enter the country by the INS.  "are you a terrorist???" When my colleague came to work with us from Taiwan, his visa was delayed for 5 weeks to make sure he wasn't a terrorist or a 'threat' to immigrate.   The USA would be lucky if he did immigrate.   

Tomorrow I have jury duty in Boston at 8AM.  This is my first time.   I was called for jury duty in Colorado once.  I delayed it, but they never called me again.

I planted my tomatoes a couple of weeks ago.   Right before the rainstorm.. they seemed to have survived.  I'll post some pictures soon.  I also planted some herbs and a jalapeño plant.


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