Thursday, April 20, 2006


I haven't posted for a while... So I should give some updates... or I might lose my fan base! (Brody, don't go!)

Gracie is doing great. She got her staples removed on Saturday and is slowly regrowing her grey and white coat. Everyday she gets more lively and back to normal.

The weather in Boston keeps getting better and better. This weekend I hope to start my great tomato experiment. I love tomatoes, and I want to learn how to grow my own. Last year I grew some cilantro and planted a lilac tree.

I have just 4 weeks left in this semester. There are two final projects to go. I am hoping this is the last graded course I will ever have to take. I think I've reached my lifetime maximum. In all my graduate school years, I've taken almost 30 courses. That is insane and must be stopped.

Su Jen came to visit this past weekend! It was a bit of a suprise. Her brother, Wei, decided to have a wedding reception on rather short notice, so Su Jen flew in from San Francisco for 5 days. We ate dinner at the newly opened Cafe D on Center Street in Jamaica Plain. The food was great, for the most part. Everything was either excellent, or at least pretty good. The dish that made the biggest impression was the white gazpacho. Fantasic!

Today, my good friend and old Princeton roommate Catherine Malmberg is in town. She is working on a building development project in Kendall square. Hopefully we will get a chance to have lunch or coffee or something.

From now on, it's work, work, work... I just need to get this semester over with!


Blogger Bella said...

Oh so great you got to hang out with Su Jen. Do you have any idea what was in the white gazpacho, I NEED to try that!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Brody the Bulldog said...

Have no fear brotha - Brody is here to stay!
However, I do appreciate the occasional plug. ;)


5:00 PM  

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