Friday, February 24, 2006

Fenway Park Improvements via Helicopter

On Wednesday, February 22, my friend Bruce Cameron took a flight in a helicopter over Boston. He snapped a number of good pictures with his high-end digital camera. My favorite is this one of Fenway Park:
Click on the photo above to see it in high resolution! The new infield upper decks are visible to the left and right of the infield. There are some new upper deck seats just behind home plate. The glass on the 409 club has moved much father back, so there is more open air seating.

The new Trilogy building is visible in the background.


Blogger Nathan Brescia said...

Sweet! I'm actually doing a documentary right now on the greening of Fenway Park. I was wondering if you could ask Mr. Cameron if either (1) I could got up in the air with him and take some video, (2) He could take some more aerial pictures of Fenway under construction, or (3) I could use this picture in my documentary.

11:06 AM  

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