Thursday, October 20, 2005

Business Travel

I came to realize something about business travel. You can't judge a city when you are there for work. I've been to the LA area three times for work, and each time I didn't like it. The weekend before I flew to Asia, Madeline and I attended Shun Zhang and Danny Sam's wedding there and stayed for three nights. We had a nice time that weekend. Although there are some things that I still don't like about LA (the constant driving required, for example), I now think it's a nice place. We had great food there and the weather was beautiful.

I'm having a ok time here in Japan because I'm working too hard. It's much more important that Ben and I spend some time working out details of our research than spend time sightseeing. We will not get an opportunity to work face-to-face often. Even, given that, I think Japan is a really facinating place. (What does that say about it in comparison to LA?) I hope I get to see some more of it on Friday!


Blogger Jaime said...

Great site Bill! Nice to "see" and hear from you again. I wish all the smithies who had blogs would post their sites on the smithie site so we could all keep up with each other! Asia looks fantastic. Its been a while since I have traveled abroad, and am getting the itch again hearing about everyones trips. I want to see Nepal and Tibet.....

keep in touch!!

5:37 PM  

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