Monday, March 13, 2006

Learning Java, Good Weekend

Today I am learning Java.  I have put this off long enough.   I used to pick up new programming languages all the time, but recently, I've been a bit lazy about it.   Since I will need to be well versed in this in about one week, now's the time to start... Or maybe that was earlier.

This past weekend was fun.  Margaret stay over Saturday night and Madeline's friend Amanda Painter came down to stay over Sunday Night.   We went to Tung Lee's house on Saturday night for a mini-barbecue.  It was finally nice out, so Tung's husband, Alan cooked skewered meats on their deck.  On Sunday, I made a big breakfast for Margaret, Madeline, and Sarenna:  My mom's thin-style pancakes, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, turkey bacon, and fresh coffee.  Sunday afternoon we stopped by the JP local bookstore for a jazz jam session run by Sarenna's father John Stein.  He is sucessful jazz musician and music professor.  He  plays with the John Stein Trio.

By the way, today is Monday.  Margaret's last day of radiation!  She finished six weeks of daily treatments.


Blogger Spazlee said...

Hi ya Bill.
It is Nazlee. I had sent Margaret a letter awhile ago and was wondering if she got it? Hmmmm.
Well I will be in Boston sometime at the end of April to visit.
I would love to catch up with Mags too. Will keep you inform.
Ciao ciao...

9:31 AM  

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