Saturday, December 02, 2006

My General Exam

I'm working late into the night on Saturday for my Ph.D. General Exam. It's a 72 hour take-home marathon exam (HOORAY!). I received questions from three professors on Friday at 9am. I must turn in written answers to all questions at 9am on Monday.

Because I'm a geek, I made a plot of my progress so far.. I'm exactly at the half-way point in time at 9pm tonight. The top bar shows how much time has passed in green. The bottom bar shows how much work I have completed. Right now, I'm slightly ahead on the work.. However, this does not take into account that I want to sleep at night. I'm going to push to see how much I can get done before midnight.

p.s... Blogging isn't helping me, so you probably wont hear from me until next week. ;)


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