Friday, September 01, 2006

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A great post by Matti:

Stupid questions

My Nokia E61-phone has an irritating habit of asking for confirmations. If I select "close application", it always ask "are you sure?". It does not make any sense. When I say I want to close an application, I mean it. Windows application have similar habits.

Imagine how fun it will be, when the engineers of stupid questions will design and build a house. You close a door, it pops open and asks you whether you really want to close it. Turning of lights when leaving a room will require repetitive flipping of the light switch. And when you try to get some snacks from the fridge, the door will shut down on you fingers while a nasty voice ask whether you really want to open the fridge.

I agree. This is annoying. Especially on slow devices like a cell phone.

I think the refrigerator idea might actually be a good weight loss technique. I used to have car that would shock me every time I opened the door. I suppose this made me a little weary of driving, and therefore encouraged me to burn less gas.


Anonymous John said...

I had an office where the bathroom door handle and the doors out of the office would give you a tremendous shock everytime you touched them.

If you moved slow enough, and watched close enough, you could actually see the electricity arc from the door to your finger -- I think you could weld with it.

Much like your car issue, this kept me from leaving work early or taking bathroom breaks. (CW was, the static built up when walking across the office because of the flame resistant chemicals in the carpet).

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