Monday, July 31, 2006

no news is good news...

It's been a mild week...  Many people have told me, "you no going to know what to do with your free time after you get married."  Oh, they are so wrong.  I want to do everything and nothing.  Everything I missed (movies, visiting friends and family, going out to dinner), and NOTHING when I don't want to do anything at all.

M and I went Kayaking on the Charles River on Saturday.  We rented a two person Kayak in Newton.  It was super hot, but that was no problem for us because we were out on the water enjoying nature.   We saw a screaming hawk  (aaaaw!  aAAAAwww! aaaaWWWWahh!), 5 small turtles, 6 swans, many ducks, and a heron.  It was really nice.  We brought a picnic with us and we ate while we drifted downstream towards Waltham.

On Sunday we say two movies.  We went to the theater to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2.  It sucked.   I'm starting to get bored of movies that have lots of action and special effects, but no dialog, no interesting plot, and bad jokes.  What's the point?  With the computer generated graphics today, we have just about seen everything.  The only thing that impresses me now is a good plot and clever dialog.   (go back to the basics!)  We also saw Brokeback Mountain, which we rented with NetFlix.   This was actually good, and fairly original.  I expected a bit more because of all the hype, but it was still a very good movie.  Very different for Ang Lee.

I have a softball game planned for Wednesday, but it's supposed to be 106 degrees on the heat index.    This is probably not a smart idea.  Oh well.


Blogger Mane the Mean said...

I was looking for the turtles many times, when I visited the upper reached of the Charles. Never saw them.

Next time I come to Boston in summer, I will definitely do as you did and see the turtles.

2:41 AM  

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