Sunday, March 19, 2006

We have a Piper Down!

Hey everybody! It's a pipe off!

Maddy and I went to Doyles in Jamaica Plain on Saturday night for a Pipe-Off. Yeah, that's right, a battle of the Bappipes. New York Police Bagpipers vs. Boston Police Bagpipers. There were 50 Bagpipers from each group. This conversation was overheard on the street:

NYPD Piper: Whadaya, Whadaya you talking to me? Yeah, you think you the best pipers? Fagetaboutit!

Boston Pie-pah: You Yankee Pie-pahs are wickahd retahded! Boston is wicked aweeeesome!

NYPD Piper: I challenge you to a pipe off!

Boston Pie-pah: You bet-tah bring it! You guys' piping is gahbidge!

NYPD Piper: It's been brought-en!

Me: This is a wicked pissah!

Well... it was frigid last night and there was no way we were going to get inside, but we did get to hear the first 45 minutes or so of the piping before running home before we froze our toes off.

Some friends of mine were supposed to go, because of cold weather and other various reason. In fact, Deb Howell (deb's lame-o web site) alterted me that this was going on in my own neighborhood! Maddy was even a bit unsure about going, but I told her that one absolute principle in life is: "When 100 Bagpipers come to your neighborhood, you show up!" And so we went!

Here's some photos from outside:

New York Pipers Along Washington Street:
New York Pipers Along Washington Street

Maddy braves the cold weather:

The Boston Bagpipers Marching:

The New York Bagpipers Marching:

Bagpipe trivia: What's the best movie (ever) with a Bagpipe scene? So I Married an Ax Murderer, with Mike Myers. I was once read in Amtrak Magazine that this was Mike Myers worst movie. When I told Maddy this, her response was, "Have they seen The Cat in the Hat?"


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I wish I could have seen all those bagpipers!!

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