Monday, March 19, 2007

first couple of days in Israel

Right now I'm in Herzliya or Herzlya or Herzlyya, Israel. There may be other spellings for it! There seems to be no consistent way to translate Hebrew into English, so it can get really confusing here. Apparently, the problem is that there are no written vowels in Hebrew? Not sure. In a couple of days I'm going to Haifa, which is also spelled Jafa. I am attending the ICSEM 2007 conference. At the conference, they are running a tour to Acre, which is also Acco, or Akko. yikes! No wonder I had so much trouble finding maps of Israel on the web.

The things that have surprised me the most are: Hebrew is everywhere. Some people speak English, but only as a second language. Most signs are in Hebrew only. It's like walking around China. When you walking into buildings, you are always checked by a security guard. The weather is pretty temperate here. 65 deg. F and dry. Pretty nice. Even thought I saw the forecast, I always imagined it to be extremely hot here.

More later...

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Blogger Bella said...

So cool that you are in Isreal! I am meeting tons of Isrealis here in Patagonia and now I am really inspired to see their country, it sounds amazing! I can´t wait to see pictures.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Mane said...

Have fun in Israel. It must be a very interesting place, and you may end up having really heated discussions...

3:19 PM  
Blogger Penny said...

I heard a rumor that there's some kind of airport worker strike - are you going to be able to come home?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous marcel said...

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a bientot

12:23 PM  

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